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Amazon Fire Hd8

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1 - 12 of 47
Esschert Design Fire Bowl S FF209
The fire bowl FF209 from Esschert Design will be an excellent choice if you need some additional warmth on a cold night. Made of cast iron, this fire bowl is very sturdy and durable. Delivery includes a fire bowl only; wood is not included.
VijverTechniek (VT) Universal TL8 UV-C Light 10 W
Combat green floating algae and germs in your pond with this Universal TL8 UV-C Light with a power output of 10 W! It can be used in both ponds and aquariums.
Rainbow 8 Shaped Longboard 104 cm
This longboard has a full, beautiful graphic on the underside and big wheels. It’s easy to steer. The longboard has a robust 9-ply maple wood construction and a platform with grip tape. The wheels with a diameter of 6 cm are easy to get in motion. The ABEC 5 ball bearings reduce rolling resistance. Bring it home, and you'll have loads of fun with it.
VijverTechniek (VT) Universal TL8 UV-C Light 15 W
Combat green floating algae and germs in your pond with this Universal TL8 UV-C Light with a power output of 15 W! It can be used in both ponds and aquariums.
Masterlock LCFW30100 Large Fire and Waterproof Security Chest
This Large Security Chest will be ideal for keeping personal items such as watches, jewelry, and even most of laptops safe from fire and floods. This is a large fire and water-resistant chest with a capacity of 10.2 L. It is UL/ETL classified for Fire Endurance (1 hour at 927°C), to ensure the protection of your documents and other valuable items in the event of a fire. Thanks to 2 steel bolts locking with concealed hinges, this chest keeps your valuable belongings secure. The programmable digital lock allows you to choose a combination plus, but 2 override keys are also included in case you forget the code. The durable chest can be sturdily fixed with screws and weighs 12.2 kg.
vidaXL Frameless Mirror Tiles 8 pcs 20.5 cm
This set consists of 8 frameless mirror tiles that can be arranged in a variety of designs of your choice. Adding mirrors to any living space will not only make a decorative statement, but also bring more light and a spacious effect to the room. Made of high-quality glass, these mirror tiles are very durable and highly reflective. The clean cut, frameless design looks fantastic in any contemporary home and will enhance brightness and the sense of space. You can hang these mirror tiles directly on the wall with the included stainless steel hangers, or stick them to the wall by using the stickers. Delivery also includes mounting screws.
Steinel Sensor Light LED 8,5 W White
The sensor light is ideal for building fronts and entrances. The integrated photo cell controller with a photo sensor also provides added convenience. The sensor light registers ambient brightness and automatically switches the LED ON in the evening and OFF at dawn, which helps to save energy. Made of high quality material, the sensor light ensures a long life service and excellent durability.
Accesoires cable set for T8 light
Our fluorescent T8 light fixture can be easily suspended with this steel cable. SKU 50199, 50200, 50201, 50202, 50203, 50204 can be combined with this cable set.
Kettlebell 8 kg Concrete
This kettle bell is made of plastic with a compact interior. It has a massive and professional construction. This kettle bell weighs 8 kg. Thanks to the material it doesn’t damage the ground during your exercise.
Oval Shape Skateboard 9 Ply Maple Fire Design 8
This skateboard is easy to maintain and will stay in control even at a high speed. The skateboard has a robust 9-ply maple wood construction and a platform with grip tape for you to place your feet. The 50 mm wheels offer good contact with the road even in rainy weather or other bad conditions. Ball bearings of the ABEC 5 standard will reduce rolling resistance to a minimum for effortless cruising with the skateboard. Bring it home, and bring yourself and your children lots of fun.
Smartwares Fire Blanket 100 x 100 cm BBD130
The fire blanket BBD130 from Smartwares is indispensable in every kitchen. It doesn’t take up much space and can be mounted on the wall. The blanket can extinguish small fires such as on people, in pans, and in trash bins. When there is a fire, you pull it out of its holder with two hands. Because it isolates oxygen the fire is extinguished very fast, effectively and without a mess or collateral damage.
Garden Water Tank Cover 8 Eyelets 116 x 100 x 120 cm
This high-quality garden water tank cover is suitable for protecting your water tank from dirt, wind, rain and UV light year round. The cover is made of durable polyethylene, which is waterproof, UV-resistant, tearproof and thus suitable for daily use. It has 8 aluminium eyelets and a fastening rope, so it will fit your water tank better.